21 Plate Generator


This is our top selling item suitable for small torches as well as engines up to 3.5l.

We sold over 150 ( more than anyone on ebay) and never had unhappy customer please check our feedback.

This is new version with thicker gaskets and new type acid resistant end plates that will last even longer . As you may know hydrogen cells are used to increase your fuel economy up to 35%. In some cases even up to 50% but it depends on your engine specifications. For different placement of hose barb see my other auction.

This is cheap solution for people who would like to save some money as whole kits are much more expensive . Product is made out of best acid resistant components . If you are unsure which hydrogen cell you should buy simply see my feedback and compare amount of cells I am selling to other sellers. Most of my customers had hydrogen generator fitted in their previous cars ( for example taxi drivers ) and buyers are pleased with quality of hydrogen cell which I am selling. In unlikely case that item is damaged during delivery money back or free replacement item.